Company vision  

   Committed to the "flow measurement and intelligent measurement and control"

  industry of continuous operation, to become a higher reputation in the industry.  

   Company mission 

         Provide advanced technology, stable measurement products;    

         Provide safety, energy saving, intelligent control system;  

         Provide scientific, accurate, fair and just services.  



         Pursuit - harmony of customers, employees and society  

         Focus on -- quality, integrity, service  

         Implementation - value, innovation, management, norms  

         Insist -- scientific, accurate, fair and just  

         To achieve -- sustained, healthy and rapid development


         Company concept 

         Talent concept: moral character first, quantity is applicable, provide a platform, show talent.  

         Team concept: communication, trust, dedication, collaboration, complementary.

         Customer concept: understand customer needs and meet customer needs.  

         Crisis concept: in times of peace, prepare for danger, advance innovation. 

         Quality concept: continuously improve quality and exceed customer needs.  

         Competitive concept: quality first, speed win, achieve win-win.  

         Cost concept: Doing things right at once is saving.  



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