Steam/hot water IC card prepaid CS

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Steam/hot water IC card prepaid CS

In order to avoid billing disputes between energy supply and demand parties reduce contradictions and enable energy users to consume clearly the AOBO-IC card prepaid intelligent control system independently developed by our company.





In order to avoid billing disputes between energy supply and demand parties, reduce contradictions,

and enable energy users to consume clearly, the AOBO-IC card prepaid intelligent control system

independently developed by our company has been promoted and applied in the heating and heating

industries and has been consistently applied. Praise, created good economic and social benefits.



1. Smart radio frequency

Adopt non-contact IC card to completely solve the defect of poor contact of contact IC card;

2. Advanced system

Full Chinese LCD display, with intelligent prompts, easy to operate

3. High confidentiality

The recharge device has a unique number, and the data is dynamically encrypted. One device, one card,

one password, with higher confidentiality

4. Alarm function

System automatic short message alarm and upper computer sound and light alarm for insufficient margin,

illegal opening of the box, power failure, etc.; the upper and lower alarm limits can be set by yourself,

real-time monitoring and alarming of the operation of the pipe network, automatic recording and reporting

5. Mobile office

The system supports remote viewing of real-time data, web pages and APP software for easy query anytime, anywhere

6. Valve feedback

Control over-range steam, valve opening has feedback detection function, which can realize flow control and accurate measurement

7. Inspection and assessment

Record the inspection time of the inspector at any time and upload it, and it can be inquired in real time, realizing one person,

one card, and one machine with multiple cards

8. How to charge

Multiple charging methods, select remote recharge method, step charging method, and time-by-time metering method

9. Heating pipe function

The system simulates manual valve opening operation, and the valve opening can be set intermittently to prevent condensate or steam from impacting the pipeline

10. Take pictures out of the box

The system has the function of unpacking and taking pictures, and uploading the unpacking time and photos to the host computer in time



    This system is connected to the flow (heat) totalizer by the IC card controller, and transmits the data on the

totalizer (instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, pressure, temperature, density, power-off time, setting parameters, etc.) to the control through serial communication Device. After the recharge management software recharges the IC card, the card is placed close to the IC card induction area to indicate that the card is successfully swiped. The amount purchased by the user is entered into the controller. The internal microprocessor CPU performs real-time calculations on the received meter data and the data entered by the IC card. Data processing such as comparison and logical judgment. When the value charged by the IC card (that is, the amount of steam purchased this time) is less than or equal to the set balance alarm value, the controller buzzer will alarm, the remote meter reading software web page will alarm and send a message to the designated person in charge's mobile phone to prompt; When the controller margin is less than or equal to the valve closing margin, the controller sends a signal to close the valve, and sends a message to the designated mobile phone number to prompt, and the degree of closing of the valve can be controlled according to the requirements, realizing the purpose of automatic management of prepayment.





Recharge Query




Solve the difficulty of charging

This system adopts the prepaid model, pays the fee first and then uses the energy, which completely solves the problem of user charging difficulty.

Multiple equipment functions and full system functions

The IC card prepaid intelligent control box can send alarm messages and host computer sound and light alarms by the monitoring system for illegal power failure and illegal opening of the box. At the same time, the controller can also cooperate with the electric valve to automatically or remotely control the gas consumption to prevent the occurrence of over-range phenomena. , Improve the safety of field equipment operation

Dual power supply without fear of malicious power failure

The IC card prepaid intelligent control box is equipped with a UPS power supply system, which can ensure the normal operation of the field instruments for a long time in the case of a power failure, which truly protects the vital interests of users.

Customized service, strong compatibility

The IC card prepaid intelligent control box can simplify or increase the feasible functions according to the user's needs. At the same time, the control box can be connected to a variety of meters (steam meter, water meter, gas meter, etc.). The host computer monitoring system can monitor more than 10 real-time data at the same time, and can generate a variety of detailed reports, which can truly improve efficiency for users.



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