Development history

2002   On March 29, it was registered and established in Weifang High-tech Zone anddetermined the future mission of the enterprise

2004     Registered "AOBO" trademark

2009     The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

2010     Moved to "Hanting high tech Industrial Park" in October

2012     Recognized as "high-tech enterprise"

2014     It is recognized as a "double soft enterprise"; Establish "Weifang flow measurement engineering technology research center"

2018     Log in CCTV - Discovery journey "quality" documentary No. 580

2019   Declared and recognized as "Shandong enterprise cloud service provider", "Weifang Traffic Measurement Engineering Laboratory", "Weifang Municipal Enterprise Technology Center", and selected into the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise library; Establish Weifang Aobo Party branch, establish and improve trade union organization

2020     It was rated as the "invisible champion" enterprise in Weifang

           It was rated as "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province.


Flow totalizer:

2009     The mc51-w six channel flow heat totalizer independently developed has obtained the national patent certificate;    

2012     Mc51-w heat flow totalizer has obtained the national software copyright certification;

2018     "Fc6000 intelligent flow totalizer" meets the latest verification regulation of grade 0.2 national jjg1003-2016      


Ultrasonic flowmeter:

2010     The independent research and development of ultrasonic flowmeter has been successful, and it has become the first manufacturer of ultrasonic flowmeter in Shandong Province;

2015     The new large-diameter on-line non-stop flow dual channel ultrasonic flowmeter / heat meter has been successfully independently developed to replace imports and fill the domestic gap;

2016     Obtained 2 software copyrights and 2 new patents;

2018     The self-developed "dual channel ultrasonic flowmeter / calorimeter" project was included in the 2018 Weifang Science and technology development plan; Build a 1600 standard laboratory.


GPRS wireless remote meter reading system:

2005     The successful development of the system marks the successful launch of the remote meter reading system; In 2008, it passed the achievement appraisal of the Provincial Department of science and technology; And won the second prize of provincial                scientific and technological achievements.


Unattended heat exchange station control system:

2009     The independent research and development of "1.0 system" was successful,

2011     It is improved and upgraded to"2.0 system",At present, it has been upgraded to the "3.0 system" intelligent heating remote monitoring platform.

2012     It was awarded the "second prize for scientific and technological progress".


IC card prepayment measurement system:

2012     Was awarded the "second prize for scientific and technological progress";

2014     "Steam / hot water IC card prepaid intelligent controller" has won the national invention patent.

             Remote monitoring and control system of energy consumption:

2017     It was awarded the "second prize for scientific and technological progress".




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