ABDT-1306A Portable Velocity Meter

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ABDT-1306A Portable Velocity Meter

ABDT-1306A portable velocity meter is developed for the specific measurement of the flow rate for the hydrometric station factories and mines environment-protection monitoring station irrigation and drainage on the farmland and hydrogeol



ABDT-1306A portable velocity meter is developed for the specific measurement of the flow rate for the hydrometric station, factories and mines, environment-protection monitoring station, irrigation and drainage on the farmland and hydrogeology survey, etc.

ABDT-1306A intelligent velocity meter can be equipped with the new sensor of the flow rate rotating propeller. The sensor is developed by the advanced technology at the end of 2004. The helical angle, thread pitch, craftsmanship and materials are all been redesigned., the initial velocity ≤ 1cm/s. Indicators like initial velocity, measurement range, linearity, concentricity, the Calibration coefficients and mean variance are been greatly improved. The measurement range of the flow velocity: 1~400cm/s and that of sampling time: 1~99 seconds.

The device is simple and convenient, energy saving, stable and reliable.  It  pos  sesses complete functions and a high automaticity in  accordance  with  the  nat  ional measurement standard of open  channel.  Equipped  with  a  rotating  propel  ler which can endure 80 ℃,it is a new portable velocity meter in China.


Technical requirement 

Velocity measurement formula:

 (automatic calculation)

Serial number:  、K  、C   

Range of the velocity measurement: 0.01-5.00 m/s

 Error in current measurement:≤1.5%

Display screen:4×16 liquid crystal display


Measurement mode: Dip stick location measurement

Temperature range:-20℃- 60℃

Power supply: DC8.4V Li-ion rechargeable battery, continuous operation of above 40 hours after complete charge.


Measurement principal

The device was developed with the flow velocity-area method in the open channel measurement. After obtaining the flow velocity, the flow quantity can be obtained through the formula Q=V·S(S is the section area)

  1. The measurement of the flow velocity

In the measurement, the rotor current meter was rotated by the water power, the signal device generates the revolution signal, and the flow velocity can be calculated by the following formula:



In it :

V:The mean flow velocity during the measurement(m/s)

K:Screw pitch

C:Constant of the current meter

T:the amount of time of the measurement(unit: s)

N:The number of signals during T

During the use of the device, K and C both are constants. The flow velocity can be calculated once the value of T and N are obtained.

  1. The calculation of volume of flow

By the flow velocity-area method, the volume of flow can be obtained by multiplying the flow velocity and section area which were obtained in the measurement.






Product name



ABDT-1306A current meter



ABDT-1306A rotating propeller



Signal line 



*Communication cable (selective)






Attachments: ABDT-1306A portable velocity meter user manual



Special warning:

Charge the device for above 3 hours at the first time. Set the test time above 20 seconds. Run out the battery before recharging. (The device contains a protector for over-charging and over-discharging)


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