Multi-parameter Smart Energy Valve

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Multi-parameter Smart Energy Valve

PSeriesPreciseMassFlowDensityMeter ■ AppliedtoLiquidGasSlurryMassFlow ■ MassFlowAccuracy0.1% ( Liquid )、 0.5% ( Gas ) ■ DensityMeasuringAccuracy1kg/m3 ■ NormalDiameterDN10 ~ DN250 ■ ProcessTemperatureRanges-40℃ ~

Component Parts of P Series Mass Flow Meter  
P Series Mass Flow Meter is defined as P series Mass Flow Meter with flow accuracy is 0.1%  whom is made of P series mass flow Sensor and DPT100 Transmitter
Double U or double C type flow pipe design is better for measuring accuracy  
Provides integrated mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature measurement and the calculates  the others relevant parameters  
Easy on installation, no need rectifier, filter parts, no special requirements for installing direct pipe  section  
Without moving parts and no need frequent maintain; high stable function no need frequent  calibration  
Allows low range flow running, reducing pressure loss to keep high efficiency  
Compact installation to save installation costs  
Being compatible with N series A( flanges faces interval distance)dimension  
Ultra precision measuring and long term stability functions for custody transfer measurement  
Ultra wide turndown ratio for gas measuring  
The connected Transmitter can be exchanged for easy maintain  
No being influenced by ambient temperature

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