Smart Heating Platform System

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Smart Heating Platform System

The intelligent heating platform system is ba sed on heating informatization and automation with the deep integration of information systems and physical systems as the technical path using Internet of Things spatial positioning cloud computing.




The intelligent heating platform system is based on heating informatization and automation, with the deep integration of information systems and physical systems as the technical path, using Internet of Things, spatial positioning, cloud computing, information security and other "Internet +" technologies to connect heating Various elements in the whole process of the system "source-network-load-storage", use big data, artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation and other technologies to coordinate analysis and optimization of various resources in the system, and use advanced control technologies such as model prediction to be accurate on demand Control all levels and links in the system to build a new generation of heating with self-perception, self-analysis, self-diagnosis, self-optimization, self-adjustment, and self-adaptive features, which can support people's thinking and decision-making during the operation of the heating system system.


Function Display

This system uses B/S, C/S and mobile APP server to build a distributed system structure; the database adopts MSSqlServer database; the B/S, C/S part adopts ASP.NET MVC technology architecture, standard format data interface, and other Information system open interface. Under this structure, the user interface is realized through a browser, and the browser interacts with the database through the Web Server. This greatly simplifies the client computer load, reduces the cost and workload of system maintenance and upgrades, and reduces the overall cost of users. The biggest advantage of this system is that it can be operated anywhere without installing any special software. As long as there is a computer with Internet access, it can be used, and the client has zero maintenance.

 Through visualization technology to dynamically display production data, charging, customer service, engineering, metering and other management data, effectively strengthen the global management and control of heating resources, and real-time display of heating data, promote the improvement of decision-making levels, and improve the service quality of heating enterprises to meet High-quality heating needs of users.



System Functions


The smart heating platform calls each other's sub-system data, conducts in-depth mining and identification, realizes panoramic visual management of the heating system, uses modern automatic control technology to issue intelligent decision commands, and realizes accurate adjustment of the entire network, thereby realizing the heating system The best operating condition. At the same time, the platform fully integrates modern automation technology, communication technology, Internet technology, big data technology, artificial intelligence technology and information software technology to establish an automatic, complete, and scientific Change, automatically adjust the parameters of each link of heating, to achieve the purpose of scientific deployment of heating system, heating on demand, balanced heating, safe operation, and optimized energy saving, and improve the management level of heating enterprises.



1. Advanced

The system adopts advanced and mature software development technology and monitoring and automatic control technology. While ensuring the high performance of the selected equipment, it also considers the continuity of subsequent investment.

2. Practicality

On the premise of meeting the functional requirements of each business module as much as possible, the system fully considers the working characteristics of each business role, and fully considers the operation and management mode of the thermal company, and designs a humanized operation interface, which is simple to operate and stable in performance.

3. High efficiency

The real-time response ability of the system is fast and the control ability is strong. All kinds of data are organized reasonably, and information query and update are smooth.

4. Integration

System integration and reasonable data. Each subsystem forms its own module system, which will not affect the normal operation of other subsystems due to individual module reasons.

5. Openness

In terms of system architecture, technology, and platform selection, there is good openness. The various modules of the system are open, and internal data resources and information flow freely under the guarantee of the system, forming an open, expanded, and stable , And has an open system with a unified software platform, a unified standard, and a unified data.

6. High reliability

The system is equipped with a safety protection system when designing, which can effectively prevent attacks from the network and the spread of viruses, and appropriately redundant other protection measures to ensure the safe operation of the system. The system can set the management authority according to the user name and password, so the security and confidentiality of the system can be maximized.

7. Ease of maintenance

System design is standardized, standardized, and layered design. The system has functions such as fault diagnosis and fault isolation. At the same time, the system selects products with high integration, high safety and strong versatility, which is convenient for management and maintenance.

8. Scalability

Considering that platform construction is a gradual and continuous expansion process, the system adopts a building block structure and componentized design. The overall architecture considers seamless connection between systems, leaving room for expansion and integration in the future.

9. Modularity

The platform adopts modular design, which can be connected with sub-function modules such as automatic control system, household metering collection system, charging system, etc., and can provide data interfaces for other platforms such as enterprise ERP and OA.

10. Private order

If the heating company has special needs or other functions, it can be customized and developed according to specific requirements.



Information management, improve efficiency

A large number of calculation formulas are integrated, and flexible reports of various heating production indicators and parameters can be generated, which facilitates the rapid production of various heating daily and monthly reports, greatly reducing the workload of the staff, lowering the business threshold of the operators, and improving the accuracy of data ,Improve work efficiency.


Functions cover a wide range of business

A set of systems covers almost all business links such as heating production operation, monitoring, real-time scheduling and services, avoids the switching of multiple business systems, and realizes the integration of production data from heat sources, heat exchange stations, metering users, etc., and facilitates the realization of business data Unified storage, management and query statistics.


Meet multi-level business needs

Customized development for multi-level business application requirements such as heating enterprise groups, branches, departments, etc., with practical functions, the system can be flexibly configured according to modules, to meet the individual needs of users, and the user experience is good. Control production and operation and reduce safety risks.


Display analysis and reduce costs

Breaking the traditional method, using online maps as templates, it can realize two-dimensional and three-dimensional geographic information management. For high-end users, it can connect with GIS maps and use charts to realize energy consumption analysis, which is convenient for guiding hydraulic balance adjustment and heating adjustment to achieve energy saving and reduction. The purpose of reducing heating costs.




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