AOBO-RM Remote Meter Reading System

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AOBO-RM Remote Meter Reading System

In order to meet the various needs of users for metering and energy saving our company independently developed a (energy management) intelligent remote meter reading system that adapts to various user needs





    In order to meet the various needs of users for metering and energy saving, our company independently developed a (energy management) intelligent remote meter reading system that adapts to various user needs. It adopts standardized, reliable design in software and hardware and conforms to national standards. It is widely used in thermal power, chemical industry, natural gas, papermaking, pharmacy, biotechnology, urban heating and other fields. After several years of actual operation, it has been widely recognized by customers. The software and hardware of the system adopt standardized and reliable design, conform to national standards, and adapt to the relevant requirements of the energy industry. The software and hardware design of the remote meter reading system follows the principles of safety, reliability, openness, maintainability and scalability: adopts modular standardized design, conforms to national standards, and adapts to major enterprises' measuring instruments for water, electricity, steam, etc. Data collection, analysis and query, etc., provide strong data support for the refined management of enterprises.



1. Geographic index

The system uses a real-time map, and the device can be located on the map, which is convenient for users to browse and inquire;

2. Real-time online

The system automatically collects data online in real time to meet the real-time requirements for data collection and transmission;

3. Report statistics

The daily, monthly, and annual reports, graphs and curves of various instruments can be statistically printed at any time;

4. Automatic networking

The system automatically detects the network, and if there is a problem on either end, the system can automatically search the network again to restore the connection;

5. Mobile office

The system supports remote viewing of real-time data, and the APP software facilitates inquiries anytime and anywhere;

Unified management

The system can be connected to the company server to realize information sharing at any time, which is convenient for the unified management of the branch to the head office;

7. Data management

The system database has sufficient capacity for easy expansion and maintenance, and automatic storage of original data and historical data;

8. Alarm function

The upper and lower alarm limits can be set by themselves, real-time monitoring and alarming of the operation of the pipe network, automatic recording and reporting;

9. Continuous service

Provide long-term software upgrade services to ensure the advancement and stability of the system at any time;

10. Compatible functions

The software is not limited by the number of terminal devices, supports unlimited points of meters to send data at the same time, and is compatible with multiple smart meters.


System composition

1. Terminal equipment:

(1) Measuring instrument: with standard Modbus communication protocol (or other communication protocol), 485 communication interface, such as MC51 series totalizer, electric meter, etc.;

(2) Communication equipment: Industrial-grade DTU wireless data transmission module, based on mobile digital communication network, realizes seamless coverage, supports static IP address and dynamic domain name resolution; standard RS232 or RS485 interface, compatible with multiple technical protocols.

2. Data center server

The data server, the company's internal component LAN, Internet, and the server fix the IP address to receive, send, save data and realize data sharing on the WAN. Access the server through the internal LAN for data query and backup.


System Software

The GPRS remote meter reading (energy management) system has been successfully applied in the following industries: thermal power, chemical industry, papermaking, biotechnology, urban heating, etc. It mainly collects measuring instruments and electronics for steam, gas, water, electricity, industrial products and other media. The said data provides all the data needed for production and scheduling for enterprises.

The transmission parameters of vortex, ultrasonic and electromagnetic flowmeters include: instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, pressure, temperature, positive cumulative, etc.

New features, new interface

The system adopts HTML5 architecture design, comes with a theme mode, and the interface is beautiful. At the same time, the real-time map in the system can be switched between 2D and 3D at any time, and it has a zoom function to make the tour more convenient.

Powerful and efficient

The system can customize the user's location on the real-time map interface, and provides rich navigation bar functions. The data filtering function is simple and powerful, the curve analysis is detailed and comprehensive, and the multiple report modes are intuitive and concise. At the same time, the software can be viewed at any time using any Internet mobile device. Greatly improve work efficiency.

Multi-domain and high compatibility

The system can be used in a variety of industries, can be connected to a variety of instruments, and has strong compatibility. At the same time, it can provide data interfaces for the enterprise's QA, ERP, MES and other systems to realize the comprehensive information management of the enterprise.

Customized service

The system can design the page according to the data that the user needs to monitor, and at the same time adjust it according to the user's habits, and can realize private customized functions and services.

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