AOBO-SF Heating Charge MS

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AOBO-SF Heating Charge MS

The heating industry charging management system developed by the company referred to as the heating charging management system is a combination of computer software and hardware technology computer network technology information management technology (MIS) and communication data transmission technology (GPRS/CDMA/VPN).





     The heating industry charging management system developed by the company, referred to as the heating charging management system, is a combination of computer software and hardware technology, computer network technology, information management technology (MIS), and communication data transmission technology (GPRS/CDMA/VPN). The information management system provides comprehensive solutions for the heating industry in terms of user meter reading, charging, operating status, user inquiries, and finance. This software has absorbed advanced management ideas at home and abroad, combined with the charging operation status and management foundation of the domestic heating industry, and fully satisfies the integrated management of corporate capital flow and information flow. Achieve a high degree of unification between the intranet and the Internet, realize the perfect combination of "charging-information-operation-statistics-management" in the heating industry, and provide sustainable development capabilities for enterprises to use the Internet for electronic office and electronic charging, and help supply The thermal industry has stepped into glory.




1. Efficient management

The powerful management system truly and comprehensively reflects the status of customer charges, arrears, etc., and provides a reliable basis for corporate decision-making;

2. Safety performance

Has a strict authority management mechanism to fully guarantee the data security of the user enterprise;

3. Unified management

Provide multiple interfaces such as pipe network, remote meter reading, query management, business management, etc. to facilitate unified management;

4. Collect and copy docking

The system can be connected with remote meter reading system and household collective reading system to quickly realize data processing and data analysis;

5. Multiple payments

Various charging methods such as banks, Alipay, and WeChat can not only solve the problem of difficult charging in the public service industry, but also realize the function of real-time collection of various fees;

6. Customer Service

The system can be based on the customer information that has been entered, and can perform maintenance and dispatch, return visits and investigation functions

7. Bill management

The system incorporates invoices from receipt to recovery into bill management, and the system supports invoice distribution without manual intervention;

8. Compatible extensions

The system adopts modular design, software upgrades, error repairs, and patch updates to ensure the normal operation of the system;

9. Various networking

System GPRS, ADSL, VPN and other networking methods;

10. Network stability

Using optical fiber or China Mobile GPRS network, covering a wide area and high reliability




Unified management, centralized control, decentralized charging

Implement unified meter reading, centralized control, decentralized charging, and unified management for thermal users in the heating industry to improve work efficiency.

Accurate, real-time, convenient and fast charging

Through bank networking, Alipay, WeChat, etc., the real-time and accuracy of charging in the heating industry is realized, and the problems of difficulty in payment by users and difficulty in charging by heating companies are completely solved.

Fee integration, transparency, and humanization

The heating company can charge by setting up multiple charging outlets, using a unified database and processing method, the company leaders can understand the charging situation of each outlet in real time through the system.

Data query, statistical report

Realize the functions of query, retrieval, statistics, maintenance, and update of charging data, and generate reports on the daily charging status and account opening status.


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