AOBO-RM-H Household metering CS

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AOBO-RM-H Household metering CS

The household metering collection system is ba sed on the water supply time of each household's heating system apportioning the total heat supply of the building.





















The household metering collection system is based on the water supply time of each household's heating system, apportioning the total heat supply of the building. The specific method is to install a room temperature on-off control valve on the branch branch of each household for a horizontal heating system that connects households and divides loops, and performs on-off control of the circulating water of the user to realize the room temperature adjustment of the household. At the same time, a room temperature controller is placed in the representative room of each household, which can be used to measure the indoor temperature and at the same time allow users to set the indoor temperature by themselves, and transmit these two temperature values to the room temperature on-off control valve. The room temperature on-off control valve determines the on-off ratio of the on-off valve in a control cycle according to the difference between the measured room temperature and the set value, and controls the on-off of the on-off valve according to this on-off ratio to adjust the delivery into the room Heat, record and count the on-off time of each household's on-off control valve at the same time, and share the heat of the entire building according to the cumulative on-time of each household and the heating area.



1. Real-time online: The system automatically records the meter and controller data, generates various reports, graphs, and curves, and supports printing;

2. Smart meter reading: It replaces the traditional manual meter reading method, and solves the billing problem between energy supply and demand parties;

3. Data analysis: The system supports remote viewing of real-time data, and the APP software is convenient for query anytime and anywhere;

4. Real-time monitoring: The system automatically monitors the network situation, and if there is a network problem, the system can automatically search for the network to restore the link;

5. Lightning isolation: modular design of the system, strong anti-interference, with anti-lightning photoelectric isolation technology, more stable and safer;

6. Permission management: The system sets management permissions to maximize confidentiality for the enterprise.



Building heat meter

The building heat meter is used to measure and display the heating heat of residential users. This product consists of a flow sensor, a microprocessor and a paired temperature sensor. The microprocessor obtains the flow signal through the flow sensor, obtains the outlet and inlet water temperature signals from the temperature measuring circuit, and calculates the heat released by the heat-carrying liquid according to the standard heat calculation formula. This meter complies with European standard EN1434 and international standard 01ML-R75. At the same time, if the temperature sensor is reversely connected, this meter can also be used as a central air-conditioning and other cooling meter.


 Wireless room controller


(1) Using wireless communication technology, the wireless communication distance is greater than 300 meters under open conditions, eliminating the trouble of wiring.

(2) There are three different temperature adjustment modes: automatic time-sharing control, temporary manual control, and manual control to achieve the best comfortable and energy-saving state.

(3) Able to receive remote commands and force intervention of valve control until the control command is released.

(4) The temperature sensor is an imported digital sensor with an accuracy of ±0.5.

(5) If the valve does not have an action command for 10 hours, it will act once by itself to prevent the valve from rusting.

(6) One controller can be selected to control multiple valves.

AOBO-E30 electric valve
The normally open valve is used, and the valve is normally open after power failure to ensure priority heating. It has anti-rust function. If there is no valve action command every 10 hours, it will automatically perform a valve action to prevent the valve from rusting when the valve does not move for a long time. The valve wiring adopts a two-wire system and does not distinguish between positive and negative poles.


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