Digital Pressure Gauge

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Digital Pressure Gauge

high precision digital pressure gauge with built-in high-precision pressure sensor can accurately display the pressure in real time and has the characteristics of high precision and good long-term stability. This product is equipped with L




Digital pressure gauge is full electronic-structure and battery-powered, which make it very easy for on-site installation. Specifically, a high-precision piezo-resistive pressure sensor is used and the output signal is processed by the high-precision, low temperature drifting amplifier, then sent into the high-precision A/D converter to be converted into digital signal, after being computed and processed, the actual pressure value is showed on the LCD screen.

It has benefits: flexible use, simple operation, easy debugging, safe, reliable etc. It is being widely used to measure and display the pressure of the medium in hydro-power, water, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and other industries. 



◆ Size 100mm,stainless steel case,

◆ Large-screen LCD display, high resolution,back light,easy to read

◆ Automatically record the maximum pressure values during the measurement

◆ Pressure on the percentage of dynamic display, (the progress bar display)

◆ 10 engineering units: psi, bar, kpa, Mpa, Kgf(kgf / cm2) , MMH(mmH2O),MH2(mH2O),

◆ 0 ~ 15min auto-shut off feature.

◆ Micro-power consumption, over 2 years in power-saving mode, continuous work 2,000 hours

◆ Parameter correction, correct zero and error in field application.

◆ Pressure range already setted before use

◆ Sampling rate: 4 times / sec

◆ Applicable to gases and liquids compatible with stainless steel


3.Technical Parameters:



It can be directly mounted in the hydraulic pipe on the road through the mounting thread. In critical applications (such as severe vibration or shock), soft hose is recommended to connect the digital pressure gauge to reduce the effect caused by the sever vibrations and shocks..





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